Jana Peterková


born 7.1.1966, Česká Lípa, Czech Republic



1981 - 1985     Pedagogical College, Liberec


1990 - 1997     Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

                        School of conceptual art of Prof. M. Šejn

                        Graphic art school  of  Prof. V. Kokolii

                        School of Intermedial creation  of  Prof. M. Knížák


2002 - 2010      Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

                         with Prof. M. Šejn


2011                 artistic / mental  healing activities, consultant in the field of psychosomatic disorders - www.vessels.cz



1991   -    conceptual art school, exhibition in the Kulturní dům Blatiny, Prague

           -    conceptual art school, exhibition in the gallery Na Skořepce, Brno

           -    exhibition of Students of Academy of Fine Arts, Palace U Hybernů, Prague

1992   -    exhibition of the conceptual art school, gallery Půda, Olomouc

1993   -    graphic II. art school, exhibition in the gallery U Bílého jednorožce, Klatovy

           -    exhibition of Students of Academy of Fine Arts, Karlovy Vary, Town gallery

1995   -    Passage to dancing - dancing project of Frank Van den Ven  from Holland, Archa theater, Prague

           -    students performance - public presentation, AVU and Mánes gallery , Prague

1997   -    AVU graduands, Strahov monastery, Prague

1999   -    Crossing II., Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague

2001   -    Hlbka miesta, art symposium IQ Servis, Ružínská dam, Slovakia
           -    exhibition Hlbka miesta, V. Löffler museum, Košice, Slovakia

2005   -    exhibition, monastery, Bechyně

2006   -    exhibition Jemný řez, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

           -    exhibition Transgenesis, galerie C2C, Prague    

2007   -    AVU 18, National gallery, Prague

2009   -    Mény Grafiky 2, studio of graphic art II. of Doc. V. Kokolii,Woltnerův dům AJG, České Budějovice         

2010   -    Connections?, exhibiton of Assistant Professors of Academy of Fine Art, Czech embassy, Berlin

2012   -    performance, Art Safari 23, sculptor´s studio Bubec, Prague

           -    performance, interfields meeting White Watersides, water basin, Všetaty - Přívory            

2016   -    Honour to Charles IV., church of Saint Lukas, Svárov  

           -    Zebín - story of one hill, Museum and Art gallery, Jičín

           -    Imago mundi - international project and exhibition, Luciano Benetton, Italy

           -    Resuscitation and amputation, galery Off Format, Brno

           -    Landscape painting at the Ohře river near Počedělice



individual exhibitions


2001    -   Malý kousek ticha, gallery Pecka, Prague

2006    -   Kamenec, gallery Pecka, Prague          

2016    -   Movements of Spirits, Museum of Modern Arts and Theatre of music, Olomouc         

            -   Movements of Spirits, Theatre 29, Pardubice



1995    -   Chancellor's Award, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

            -   Designer of the season, International fashion fair, Brno

1997    -   Chancellor's Award, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague



1998    -   Two Generations, with A. Šimotová, monastery, Bechyně

2000    -   My Art Work, National museum, Prague

2012    -   Merge, Charles University and Pedagogical Faculty - Department of visual arts Prague

2016    -   interview related with the exhibition of Anna Plešmídová "Two worlds", news of TV Barrandov

            -   interview related with the exhibition "Movements of spirits", interview with the Czech broadcasting Pardubice



1999   -   CD-ROM Fragments Conceptual Media School of M. Šejn, Bohemia Rosa

2000   -   CD-ROM Make your Island, SCART, The Academy of Fine Arts Utrecht, Holland         

2006   -   Jiří Valoch: Monochromy jako reflexce přírody,  journal Atelier  no.13/06, s. 4


erasmus scholarships program – short term stay for teacher

2005   -   Kuvataide Akademia Helsinky, Finland

2006   -   Academie di belle Arti di Carrara, Italy

2008   -   Academie di belle Arti di Carrara, Italy

2009   -   École Supérieure D’Art, Aix-en-Provence, France

2010   -   Academie di belle Arti di Carrara, Italy

grant projects

2003 - 2008  co-author of projects: establishment of a laboratory of an intermedial studio, Academy of Fine Arts Prague

2005 -           co-author of projects: development of a laboratory of an conceptual studio - multimedial art,

                      incorporation of sound into art projects , Academy of Fine Arts Prague



1989   -          fashion exhibition, gallery Karlovka, Prague

1992   -          fashion exhibition, gallery A+G Flora, Prague

1993   -          establishing PETERKA  fashion studio

           -          summer 95, design and realization of ladies´ready made fashion for TIBA a.s. Dvůr Králové

           -          autumn and  winter 94 – 95,  exhibition of men´s collection, gallery Ivo – Tricot Frakfurth/Main    

1995   -          autum and winter 95 – 96, exhibition of PETERKA  men´s collection within the framework of the „Czech

                      fashion production“ – exhibition and show, International Fashion Fair, Brno

           -          awarded „Artist of the season“ prize, International Fashion Fair, Brno

           -          Czech fashion author´s show of men´s collection of PETERKA fashion studio, International Fashion Fair,


1995 - 2001 - participation in shows, choreography leadership, Prague, Vienna, Trenčín, Karlovy Vary, Varnsdorf

1996   -          costumes for dancing performance of Dutch dancer Frank Van de Ven, collaboration with Miloš Šejn,

                      theatre Roxy, Praha

1997   -          ladie´s and men´s collection for Velveta a.s. Varnsdorf


PETERKA studio participated with costume realization in the following films


1998   -          Prince and poor man, film Caraibi for TV Anfri s.r.l, Rome

1999   -          Imperial fourier, film for TV Titanus, Rome

2000   -          Scandal with necklace for production of Great Britain

2005   -          Marie Antoinette, USA, OSCAR 06 award/ costumes